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At John J Higgins we recognize the importance of our environment and we are committed to using timbers from areas where the source is sustainable for future usage.













John J Higgins recognises that, as a manufacturer of joinery products, our business has an impact on the environment in terms of the waste it generates, its use of raw materials and emissions to the air and water. We are committed to protecting our local environment and accept that we have a responsibility to minimise any potentially harmful effects arising from our activities to our workforce our neighbours and ourselves.

We are commited to deploying an environmentally sound policy wherever possible. This is achieved by a combination of performance monitoring and by reduction of materials, power consumption and pollution through efficiency measures and compliance with waste management policy and regulations.

Management Forestry

The process of environmental consideration starts with the choice of materials in use.

Wood is a naturally renewable material, therefore sustainable.
Wood absorbs CO2 rather than increasing emissions. Wood can help in the fight against climate change

Over 90% of the wood used in UK construction is from softwood grown in Europe. European forests are not only protected, but are well managed - caring for the local environment in the forest and by replacing more trees than are being cut. There is now more than twice as much wood in the forests as there was 100 years ago.

Good managed forestry also helps to counter the greenhouse effect, since growing trees absorbs carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. They act as a carbon sink.

When timber is converted into different timber products it gives off no toxins nor does it give off harmful emissions.

Using wood in construction requires less energy than  materials such as steel or aluminium.  This results in a smaller amount of Carbon Dioxide in the environment which in turn means there will be less acid rain damaging our planet

All the timber we buy and supply is from professionally managed forests and as far as possible from forests with a 2 for 1 replanting scheme.


We have carried out research on the different factors effecting environmental issues and believe that we have the best compromise. We manufacture products using high quality timber which carries the PEFC & FSC chain of custody. This means that our timber is sourced from well managed and sustainable sources.


We are dedicated to continuous improvement towards reducing our impact on the environment in terms of emissions, sustainability, recycling and energy efficiency.


Energy Rating

Once installed, wood is an extremely effective insulating material with very high energy efficiency.

We are proactive in researching thermal ratings for our windows and alongside the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC). We have attained BFRC energy ratings A and B on our Timber Window, Casement and Fully Reversible Window.

Eu Energy Performance of Buildings Directive


Requires member states to set minimum requirements on energy performance of buildings and introduce a system of energy performance certification for new and refurbished buildings.

Requires member states to develop plans for low or zero carbon buildings with the public sector leading the way.
John J Higgins are at all times dedicated to update and improve Environmental and energy legislation.


Minimising Waste

John J Higgins have a wood waste disposal systems which means that any off-cuts are burned to warm the factory. Additionally, the wood dust and wood shavings are compressed and sold to minimise the waste.








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